Muscovite and Pietersite Necklace


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This unique necklace is made from large Muscovite oval stones and Pietersite nuggets with Sterling Silver beads and Heart Hook clasp.  Muscovite is such a unique stone that I wanted to take a moment to describe it.  It is plum to mauve in color and has a beautiful sparkling look here and there-almost as if it captured little silver and mauve sparkles. Pietersite is just as beautiful in that each stones colors can range anywhere from browns and blues to reds, browns and yellows. To read more about the stones used in these pieces,, please visit our "STONE PROPERTIES" page.

MUSCOVITE is said to be a stone of possibilities, allowing your innate gifts to unfold.  It is coupled here with PIETERSITE which is known as the "Tempest Stone". It is said to help one let go of unserving habits, and to connect to one's deeper Spiritual Guidance.