"Transformation and Manifestation" Picasso Jasper and Golden Yellow Quartz Mala Beads


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This beautiful Mala is said to hold the energy of transformation and manifestation.  It made from 8mm Picasso Jasper with 10mm Golden/Yellow Quartz Counter and Guru Beads, sterling silver and a large faceted Citrine focal stone with a bright golden yellow tassel.  Picasso Jasper is a stone of Transformation of oneself and of relationships.  It attracts like-minded people who become loyal and trusted friends.  It also helps engender strength and self-discipline.  It reminds us to celebrate life.  Citrine's frequency allows for the clearing and strengthening of the manifestation channel, helping one bring Divine energy into form and action. It is said to marry the energy of the mind with that of the will.  It encourages optimism.  Yellow Quartz helps awaken mental inspiration and stimulates higher mentality. 

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