Lepidolite and Onyx ("Emotional Strength and Healing") Mala Beads


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These lovely Malas are made from 8mm color-enhanced Lepidolite  and 8mm Black Onyx stones with silver toned Buddha counter Beads, a silver toned "OM MANE PADME HUM" Guru bead, smaller Sterling Silver beads, and a decorative faceted Black Onyx stone with a tassel made from faceted black Czech glass, Swarovski crystal, and silver seed beads.

LEPIDOLITE is a stone of Emotional Healing and Balance, Serenity, and Stress Relief,  It calms frayed nerves, brings calm to emotional stormy seas.  It provides an energy of Enlightened awareness helping one handle situations in the Highest way, preserving one's integrity and well-being.  It assists one in finding a strong emotional center and can help prevent extreme emotional shifts. It can be extremely useful in the expansion and retention of knowledge.  A "Stone of the Future", it brings knowledge to those attuned to it by clearing mental cloudiness and confusion, awakening the finer, Divine aligned inner self. This is also an excellent stone for those with excessive worries or fears, and those with sleep difficulties.  BLACK ONYX , a Root/1st Chakra Stone, is excellent for Inner Strength and Focused Attention.  It also stimulates the connection between the Earth Star and the 1st Chakra. It helps keep one grounded and rooted to the earth.

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