Magnesite and Goldstone "Inner Vision and Transmitter of Light" Mala Beads


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This lovely one-of-a-kind Mala is made from 8mm Goldstone and 8mm Magnesite with a Red Agate Guru Bead and a carved Goldstone Lion. The counter beads are flowers carved from Autumn Jasper  and I have added sterling silver accent beads with a white tassel.  Sterling Silver, the metal of the "GODDESS", the Moon and the Night, is a wonderful conductor of energy and enhances the properties of the surrounding stones.

GOLDSTONE is known as a "Transmitter Stone", allowing Light to pass through us, energizing and encouraging positive energy.  A protective stone, it is a deflector of unwanted energies, strengthening the Inner Self and one's Chi, boosting the glow of our life force energy.  Resonating primarily with the Sacral/Second Chakra, it is also a stone of Vitality, Drive and Ambition. It builds courage and a positive attitude, increasing drive and confidence.   
MAGNESITE is known to awaken the higher sensibilities, opening to inner vision, truth and bliss, and helping one to better listen to the Heart.  It is a powerful emotional balancer, helping those under excessive stress.  Its frequency is known to promote joy and emotional harmony, helping one feel safer and more supported by the Divine. It awakens the mind so it can better hear the Heart's voice - for following the Heart's prompting is the beginning of Wisdom.                                                                                                 AUTUMN JASPER is a strengthening stone and helps clear unwanted energies, both inner and environmental. It helps one ground and center,  provides support during times of stress and inspires tranquility and wholeness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 RED AGATE, the Guru Bead, is and excellent for rebalancing and  harmonizing the body, mind and spirit. It cleanses and stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming unwanted energies.  It helps heal inner anger and tension, creating a sense of security and safety.     

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