"Gift of the Heart" Necklace


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This 16 1/2" necklace is fashioned from the soft pinks of Rose Quartz, Emerald hand-carved rondelles and a faceted oval Rose Quartz Focal stone between 2 faceted round Green Aventurine stones.  It is then finished with Sterling Silver beads and a Sterling Silver Heart Toggle Clasp. This is truly a gift from the Heart, to the Heart

This piece is for the Heart Center.  Rose Quartz, one of the most important stones of our time, is said to help us receive and express the energy of Love. Emerald holds the energy of Love, Joy, Compassion and Abundance, and Green Aventurine is said to be a stone of Optimism, Abundance  and Zest for Life. To read more about these stones, please visit our "STONE PROPERTIES" page.