Chevron Amethyst & Clear Crystal Quartz MEDITATION Mala Beads


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These Mala Beads are made from 8mm Chevron Amethyst and 8mm Clear Crystal Quartz stones with Sterling Silver beads and a deep  Lavender Tassel. It has an Amethyst Guru bead with a stunning Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz stone.  Chevron Amethyst is an excellent stone for Meditation.  It is also known for its qualities of Protection, Purification and Divine Connection.  It has been paired here with Clear Crystal Quartz which has the ability to amplify the energies of any stone it is paired with. It is also excellent in aiding one in amplifying one's Intention.  It also helps in Clearing, Cleansing and Memory Enhancement.  this Mala will help one connect with the Divine, and is a great tool in Healing and Prayer work. To read more about these stones, please visit our "STONE PROPERTIES" page.