Much of the knowledge of the real purpose of jewelry making has been lost. Originally, stones and crystals were believed to possess certain energies and were carried or kept close to the one wishing to interact with their specific influences. These stones and crystals were eventually strung and worn around the neck, wrist, head, ankle or finger. This potentially helped the wearer receive their full benefits. Here you will be able to read about the  wonderful properties of the stones used in our pieces.  Working with stones and crystals for Spiritual Growth and Self-Healing is, at the moment, a field of exploration and speculation.  Although we cannot yet scientifically prove that any of this works, many, many people use crystals and stones in this way.  Having said that, we do not advocate using them in place of traditional medical or psychological Care. You can do both, if you are inspired-it certainly can't hurt!  Either way, please enjoy the information provided here. 


  •     BLUE LACE AGATE: (5th Chakra) COMMUNICATION, CLARITY, CONFIDENCE:  Known as the Stone of the Diplomat, it assists one in finding the words to share one's     Highest Truth.  It is an excellent tool for working with Affirmations because it strengthens the Throat Chakra and amplifies the power of what comes through it.  It assists     in building the confidence needed to stand up and speak in all situations, instilling clarity of thought.  It helps shift one's dialogue to be more positive and     uplifting. It also helps with calming and centering, soothing worries and nerves.  
  •     BLUE AGATE: (5th Chakra) COMMUNICATION, INNER ATTUNEMENT, CALMING:  This stone helps one reach Higher Spiritual spaces and Inner Attunement.  It is     calming to the mind and can help sooth emotions.  It helps one in communicating one's Highest Truth.  It is also said to help remove blockages from the nervous system.
  •     BOTSWANA AGATE: Soothes one's nerves, helps to lift depression, helps to place one's focus on service.
  •     DENDRETIC AGATE: (All Chakras) GROWTH and WISDOM THROUGH INNER WORK:  This stone helps to strengthen Self through inner work. It helps to open one's eyes to one's Divine blueprint of Self, and to areas which one has not been true to that pattern, assisting one in overcoming sources of guilt, resentment, envy and other self-destructive emotions.  It helps one see and forgive oneself and others. It allows one to release stress, overcome addictions and stop repetitious patterns of toxic emotions which can deplete and exhaust the physical body.
  •     FIRE AGATE: (1st, 2nd and 3rd Chakras) VITALITY, CREATIVITY, SEXUALITY, WILL:  This stone is known as the "Stone of the Astrologer".  It increases sense of safety and protection.  Fire Agate awakens the lower chakras, filling one with the zest for living.  It lights the inner fires of creativity, life force, sexuality and will.  It assists one in making the Divine blueprint of one's life purpose a reality.  It can help banish feelings of hopelessness or resignation, awakening one's passion and joy for life and one's deepest desires.  When worn, it can also stir the emotions of others, sometimes facilitating the attraction between mates.
  •     GREEN OR BROWN MULTI-AGATE: said to be a excellent stone for re-balancing and harmonizing the Body, Mind and Spirit.  It cleanses and stabilizes the Aura, transforming and eliminating negativity.  It enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities.
  •     LAVENDER MULTI-AGATE:  (1st Chakra) GROUNDING, SOOTHING, CALMING:  This Agate helps one look for solutions rather than dwelling on problems.  It helps one see the "Bigger Picture".  It can also help lift depression.  Soothing and calming, it heals inner anger and tension.  It is a grounding stone, creating a sense of security and safety.
  •     MOSS AGATE: (1st and 4th Chakras):  STABILITY, PERSISTANCE, GROUNDING.  This stone's motto is "slow and steady wins the race".  It's energy is supportive to physical health, wealth and spiritual understanding of the natural world.  It helps bring peace and stability to the emotional body and can help those who are addicted to emotional drama in their lives.  Known as Nature Incarnate, it assists one in connecting with Earth energy, creating an immediate bond with the natural world and at the same time, stimulate psychic contact with Elementals and Nature spirits.

AMAZONITE: (4th and 5th Chakras): HARMONY, TRUTH, COMMUNICATION.  Known as the "Stone of Truth", Amazonite is a truth-teller and a peace-maker, helping one to communicate one's true thoughts and feelings without being over-emotional, bringing one closer to inner and outer peace.  Having the energy of Personal Truth, Amazonite allows one to express one's Heart through communication.  It is an excellent stone for people who are worried about the opinions and judgments of others, or who tend to spend too much time offering opinions and judgments of others!  It can help one move past fear of confrontation or judgment and to act in alignment with one's higher truth and integrity.  It helps one "walk one's talk".

AMBER: (3rd Chakra): LIGHT, WARMTH, HEALING, CLARIFICATION, SOLAR ENERGY.  Amber carries the vibration of life force perhaps because, unlike other crystals and stones,  it came from living trees.  Its energies are solar, helping to create a sense of warmth, health and well-being when worn.  Because of its light-carrying properties, it can also help those with Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It is excellent for convalescence as it warms the inner being and activates the life force as well as one's own emotional desire for health and wellness. It helps integrate Light energy into the physical body, allowing the body to balance and heal itself.

AMETHYST: (6th, 7th and Etheric (8th and above) Chakras) PROTECTION, PURIFICATION, DIVINE CONNECTION, RELEASE OF ADDICTIONS:  A stone of protection and purification, it can help clear one's energy field of negative attachments and influences.  It can aid one in giving up bad habits and negative patterns.  It is a wonderful meditation tool, assisting one in connecting with the "Violet Flame" of spiritual purification of St. Germaine and facilitating communion and communication with one's guides and angels.  It can accelerate the development of psychic and intuitive abilities, and uplifts and protects through the Divine.  It can also bring clarity to the conscious and subconscious mind and improve concentration.

AMETRINE: (3rd and 7th Chakras) MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL CLARITY.  A blend of Amethyst and Citrine energies, it brings together the clarity and Divine connection of Amethyst with the stimulating, creative and purifying influence of Citrine, helping to develop one's ability to take action upon one's spiritual guidance and to overcome doubts and fears. It assists one in connecting to Divine guidance so to effectively change one's reality.  It helps one develop a strong sense of one's own power and potential.  A "Stone of the Muses", it can help one connect with and manifest divinely inspired ideas or information.

ANGELITE: (5th, 6th and 7th Chakras) ANGELIC COMMUNICATION, SERENITY, GENTLE SELF-EXPRESSION.  Angelite is useful in helping one connect with the guidance of angels and spiritual beings.  This makes it an excellent stone when Divine Intervention is called for.  It assists in compassionate speech and communication, as it soothes rather than stimulates the throat chakra.  As a tool for meditation, it helps one open to a meditative state more easily. It is also helpful when diplomacy or a higher vision of cooperation is called for as it assists one in communicating clearly and concisely.  In addition, it can be useful for regulating appetite and digestion-especially where emotional issues play a part in overeating.


  •     BLUE:  (6th Chakra)  ACCESS TO KNOWLEDGE, PSYCHIC ACTIVATION.  This stone's energy clears and focuses the 3rd Eye, stimulating inner vision.  It can help one connect with one's Spiritual guidance to learn how to apply the knowledge of past lives to this life.  It can also be used as a dreamstone to help one access the sub-conscious for creative problem solving.  It's energy is very uplifting.  Blue Apatite can also help with eye problems from too much computer work and can help with dizziness or vertigo. 
  •     GREEN:  (4th, 5th and 6th Chakras)  KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEART, REVITALIZATION.  This stone can awaken Heart Knowledge allowing one to understand the karmic basis for one's current experiences-especially emotional ones.  It is said to increase one's sense of Abundance and to heal imbalances around money. Green Apatite is a joyful stone.  It can also bring a sense of emotional well-being and healing into the aura.  It is said to be a useful stone for those with heart problems  and/or heart disease. 

AQUAMARINE:  (5th and 4th Chakras): ENHANCEMENT OF CLEAR COMMUNICATION, SOOTHING, COOLING.  Aquamarine assists one in the  clear communication of one's Higher truth.  It lends the courage and clarity to express one's inner knowing and enhances intuitive abilities.  It is a doorway to communication with the Goddess.  It promotes gentle, compassionate, truthful communication.  It is said to help clear stagnant energy and assist one in releasing old patterns that no longer serve.  It can be useful in helping one move through grief.  Aquamarine also helps one realize that not all power comes from force-there is also TREMENDOUS power in aligning oneself with the yielding, resilient vitality of life.


  •     BLUE (6th Chakra): PSYCHIC ATTUNEMENT, INNER-STRENGTH, SELF-DISCIPLINE.  Blue Aventurine stimulates the mind and the heart.  It promotes full responsibility for one's life which is necessary for the recovery of one's personal power.  It encourages inner vision and inspired ideas and aids in the highest expression of one's wisdom and knowledge making this an excellent stone for teachers.  It helps one see where one is playing the "victim" role, helping one recognize actions creating this role and therefor empowering one to change one's experience.  This is very powerful!  It is also said to be useful in balancing hormones-especially for women.
  •     GREEN (4th Chakras): VITALITY, GROWTH, CONFIDENCE.  This stone can assist one in finding hope, optimism and joy in daily life.  Its frequency stimulates renewal and rejuvenation  on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels releasing old patterns, disease and unserving behavior as it makes room for new growth and movement.  It fosters optimism and a deep appreciation for the many experiences life has to offer.  It helps one remain present in one's experiences by releasing attachment to outcomes.  It helps one remain Heart-centered and to embrace the fires of change with joy.  Green Aventurine is also said to support heart health  and circulation, stimulating the flow of life-force energy throughout the body.





  •  BLUE:  CALMING, STABILIZING, REDUCES FEAR AND INSECURITY.   Blue Coral can heal your relationship with your Inner Child, so often unheard and neglected.  It can be very healing. It enables one to be more child-like, finding the fun and play in day to day life. It can aid in restoring a sense of light-heartedness and adventure.  It is also said to help to heal a person who has suffered incest.